Considered as the most comprehensive and complete, this is an internationally accredited 12-hour certification course conducted online over six days, 2 hours every day. In order to address the ever-increasingly complex mental and emotional health issues, the practice of Bach Flower therapy has evolved over the years and is still evolving. With practice knowledge of expert practitioners getting integrated with the fundamentals, today it’s the therapy of choice for mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

This course brings to you the latest practices in therapy for you to get updated. This is also the course of choice for beginners to emerging as complete therapists. Accredited by IPHM, UK, this course plugs all gap, is comprehensive and comes with the promise of making you practice-ready as a complete therapist in today’s context. No ‘levels’, just this.

This course covers…

  • Understanding the essence of each remedy (not just the symptoms) and the subtle differences between seemingly similar remedies (includes perspectives of Mechthild Scheffer).
  • Sensing the client to assess the crux of the illness.
  • A structured framework for consultation and diagnosis to help understand the client, very deep.
  • Predictive diagnosis based on a ‘path of illness’ (based on Kramer’s tracks).
  • Addressing physical ailments through ‘language of organs’ and body maps.
  • Selection of remedies based on their inter-relationships (based on Kramer’s tracks).
  • Making ‘harmonious’ composites based on ‘path of healing’ and clients’ conditions and
  • Crafting a treatment plan for staged healing and periodic review to heal from the root.

The pedagogy is experiential and explorational. The experience, intense and immersive. No prior knowledge of BFR is necessary. What is most unique is that participants get the opportunity to carry out live consults, make prescriptions and each goes back with a mix to heal at least one issue. Certification involves completing a guided project which involves completing three live case studies and submitting reports of the same.

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