Terms & Conditions

We, at All That Bach are committed to bringing sustained holistic well-being to the fore.

We consider our mission as sacred and expect our clients and other stakeholders to respect the same.

The full fee is required to be paid before availing of any of our services and/or products.

Appointments once made may not be rescheduled/cancelled at, last minute by the client. A 24-hours’ notice is required for any rescheduling/cancellation.

Punctuality is may please be observed for classes and consultations.

Those attending the certification course must assure full attendance to be eligible for certification.

Participants coming for the certification course must be compassionate to each other and respect mutual privacy.

Respect for all our members, including therapists, coaches and facilitators, is expected during and after all interactions.

In course of the therapy any physical and/or emotional discomfort or issues needs to be immediately reported to the therapist.

You consent to photographs/videos being occasionally taken for promotional purposes.

It is assumed that you have fully read, understand and agreed to these Rules and Regulations and provide your wilful consent to All That Bach (its members, partners, affiliates, coaches, therapists, facilitators or employees) the waiver of liability and irrevocably waive off any claims that may arise in future.

All That Bach extends services that help you in the healing process. We do not claim to cure your diseases. Neither do we claim that the therapy and/or therapeutic programs replace medical treatment.

Clients with critical conditions must seek appropriate medical advice and follow the prescribed guidelines, alongside Bach Flower therapy and/or any other associated modality offered by All That Bach.