About Us

All That Bach is an institution created with a commitment to enable mental, emotional and spiritual well-being amongst people through client-centric Bach Flower therapy.

In order to meet its commitment, All That Bach offers

  1. Consultation and sustained accompaniment of clients in course of their healing journey, with Bach Flower therapy
  2. Remedies of the best quality at the most reasonable price for clients to buy and make their own composites
  3. Education on client-centric Bach Flower therapy to make participants practice-ready
  4. Bach Flower therapy-based programs

All That Bach regularly reaches out to the masses, across geographies to evangelize, educate and enable the adoption of Bach Flower therapy as a primary modality for healing.

All That Bach is approved by IPHM, the UK for its practice of Bach Flower therapy. Its flagship certification course – Transforming Lives with Bach Flower therapy – is also accredited to IPHM, UK.